Copenhagen among the most LGBTQ+ friendly capitals in the world

Danish capital ranked 14th in report topped by Toronto

Copenhagen has been steadily establishing itself as one of the LGBTQ+ capitals of the world, and it was no surprise when World Pride chose the city as the host of its event in 2021.

In fact, Copenhagen and neighbour Malmö won the right to also host EuroGames at the same time, but the restrictions prevented ‘Copenhagen 2021’ from being one of the biggest events these parts have ever seen.

Still, Pride this year was the biggest ever, and now Copenhagen has another accolade to celebrate: Big 7 Travel has just named it as the 14th ‘Most LGBTQ+ Friendly City in the World’.

The LGBTQ+ neighbourhood of Scandinavia
“Denmark has impressive credentials all around – it scored a 10 on the Gay Index, an 86 on the Equality Index, and it was the world’s first country to recognise same-sex partnerships in 1989. Britain LGBT Awards said it best: ‘It’s hard to find a distinct LGBTQ neighbourhood in Copenhagen – until you realise that Copenhagen is the LGBTQ neighbourhood of Scandinavia’,” applauded Big 7 Travel.

“Known for its vibrant Pride celebration, it’s certainly one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly cities in the world. A mix of political rallies, educational events, films, concerts, and parties, Copenhagen Pride is one of the best there is. Gay celebrations continue throughout the year too. Find queer events at Bøssehuset, catch a show at the Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, or find one of the many gay cafes around the city. The city also hosts Copenhagen Winter Pride Week and Pride Christmas – told you the fun continues throughout the year!”

This year’s top ten are Toronto, Berlin, San Francisco, Melbourne, Brighton, Madrid, Amsterdam, London, New York City and Montevideo.