Denmark ranked one of the most sustainable countries in Europe

Report praises country for its efforts to reduce environmentally-harmful consumption

More and more cities are adapting their lives to a more sustainable style of consumption, adopting greener and less harmful habits such as second-hand shopping and avoiding plastic packaging as much as possible.

A British study known as the Sustainable Development Report ranks Denmark as the second most sustainable country in Europe behind Finland with a score of 85.63 out of 100. 

Good numbers
In 2020, more than half (53.9 percent) of Denmark’s waste was recycled and its consumption footprint was reduced by 14.26 percent between 2010 and 2020. Textile waste is also relatively low compared to other countries in the ranking, with the country producing 18,134 tonnes each year.

In terms of flea markets and antique shops, the second-hand scene in Denmark is slightly better than the Finnish scene, with 36 more such establishments.