Somebody tell Mr Boggis: Copenhagen’s the best city for antique lovers in Europe!

Anyone who hasn’t read the Roald Dahl short story ‘Parson’s Pleasure’, should seek out a copy (or watch it in the link below!). 

The tale of Mr Cyril Boggis, an unscrupulous London-based antiques dealer who dresses up as a priest and prowls the remote English countryside looking for treasures lying in the possession of ignorant farmers, never fails to raise a smile.

But should it also be a guidebook to sourcing valuable furniture in the outer regions of Denmark?

If the antique shops of Copenhagen are anything to go by, Denmark is swimming in antiques. 

The best of 51 cities
According to a recent study by, the Danish capital is the best city for antique lovers in Europe. In total, 51 cities were assessed.

With 1.2 antique stores for every 100,000 people – the sixth highest amount – and the eighth-highest rating for the quality of its stores, it topped the index ahead of Riga, Amsterdam, Bergen and Diekirch in Luxembourg. 

It follows the results of another survey in late September, which reported how Copenhagen is also the top city in Europe for bargain hunters. The report particularly praised its flea markets, street markets and antique outlets.

Mr Boggis is booking his flights as we speak!