Concert Review: Perfect for dates, drinks and dedicated fans of musical theatre – next concert’s on December 8!


Whether you’re looking for a good setting for date night, are keen to scratch the old musical theatre itch, or just want to enjoy a few drinks and live music, a night spent with Copenhagen Musical Theater Company (CMTC) is sure to satisfy your needs. At least, that was this reviewer’s experience attending their November 10 showcase at Krudttønden theatre.

Krudttønden’s atmosphere on the night could best be described as casual and homey – even hygge. With a fully-stocked bar, the drinks flowed like water throughout the evening, adding to the night’s festive mood. At some additional charge, early-comers were treated to a dinner of vegan Nepali cuisine courtesy of Lamfuz Madklub.

Lights down
In keeping with the casual atmosphere, the show was a rather minimalist affair. When the lights went down, the performers – dressed in black without the benefit of sets – could only rely on their voices, a piano, and their own flair for the dramatic to wow the room.

And wow us they did. The show’s theme was Broadway villains. From Sweeny Todd to Ursula from ‘The Little Mermaid’, performers fully embraced the wickedness of their characters.

In the close, intimate setting, it was easy to forget the lack of stagecraft as the voices filled the room and the performers transformed into their characters with an eye roll here or a flourish of the hand there.

Who’s who
This reviewer was blown away by the singing ability of Maria Højrup and Dennisalias Crystallando. They have voices that surely belong on a bigger stage, but any who get the chance should cherish an opportunity to hear them perform.

Kristian Husted and Kristen Flanagan both had incredible stage presence, and they clearly relished letting their wicked side shine through. Their voices and their personality more than filled the stage and the room.

Alexander Bastian Nielsen may have provided the night’s most memorable moment when, unbeknownst to the audience, he slipped off stage for the show’s only costume change. When he re-emerged in skimpy lingerie, he sent a shockwave through the crowd. He leaned into the sultry song from ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ with a dance to match. Improvised or choreographed, it was sure to wake any audience who felt the effects of a long Thursday.

Rachel Kador was not only an impressive singer and performer, but she also MC’d the show. Providing the room with trivia, games and little fun facts, she ensured the show had something for everyone. From musical theatre geeks to those with minimal knowledge of the genre (like myself), she helped the audience discover a new appreciation for the music being performed.

Coming soon
CMTC was founded earlier this year, and the November 10 show was its fourth concert to date. This December, they will close the year with a bang with a tribute to Stephen Sondheim. Moving into 2023, the company has ambitious plans to continue bringing Broadway to Copenhagen and encourages anyone interested to get involved.

“We’re capping our first year with a unique kind of holiday concert. We promise an evening full of Christmas magic featuring music from some of the best songwriters (yes, including Sondheim) that will put everyone in a festive mood (the full bar will also help),” commented Rachel Kador.

‘Christmas Songs you’re not Totally Sick of yet’ will play on December 8 at Krudttønden and again on December 17 at LiteraturHaus. Tickets for the show cost 95 kroner.