Denmark’s second-largest airport to offer green fuel

Billund becomes only the second airport in Denmark capable of offering its customers sustainable aviation fuel

Last year, Sønderborg Airport became the first in Denmark to offer its clients sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Now Denmark’s second-biggest aviation hub, Billund Airport, is following suit in an attempt to reduce the climate footprint of departing flights.

“There are many technologies on the horizon to make aviation green, and we shouldn’t reject any of them as there is a need for greater scale and more technologies,” Jan Hessellund, the CEO of Billund Airport, told

“The incorporation of SAF in Billund Airport is essential and a clear signal for a greater demand by airlines. And we are very proud to be able to meet some of these green demands.”

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Legislation yet to arrive
In its bid to offer SAF, the airport has entered into a supply agreement with DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark, as well as the Finnish oil refinery firm Nesta.

More precisely, the SAF type is ‘Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel’, which is suited to the equipment commonly used during the refuelling process.

SAF is in high demand at the moment due to the limited amount on the market as it is not yet produced at the scale of traditional aviation fuels.

And even though legislation doesn’t yet permit commercial flying with 100 percent SAF, greener alternatives can help reduce emissions in the long run.

So far this year, over 3,500,000 passengers have passed through Billund Airport.