CPH Metro sets new passenger record

With over 100 million passengers expected by the end of the year, the record set three years ago will be thoroughly smashed

2022 has brought a carriage-load of big moments for the Copenhagen Metro.

In January, the Metro welcomed its billionth passenger since opening to the public in 2002. And on July 1, with the Tour de France in town, the Metro set a single-day record with 570,000 travellers.

Now, another record is on the horizon: the Metro will set a new record for passengers in a year … in fact, it will smash it!

With the Metro expecting to reach over 100 million travellers by the end of 2022, the year will easily break the previous record of almost 80 million people set in 2019 when the M3 City Ring opened for business.

“Despite crises and difficult challenges, the Metro remains a success and demand from our customers is immense,” said Carsten Riis, the CEO of the Metro Company.

“We must ensure a continued modernisation and upkeep of the Metro so it will be the natural choice for our customers for years to come.”

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Popular transportation option
The Metro was launched in 2002 with the M1 and M2 lines, before the M3 City Ring opened in 2019 and the M4 Nordhavn line kicked off in 2020.

In 2024, the M4 will be extended southwards and five stations will open between Copenhagen Central Station and Ny Ellebjerg in Valby.

Another M4 extension towards outer Nordhavn and a new M5 line are also in the works.

In a typical week, more than 2 million people use the Metro, making it the most popular mode of transport in the Danish capital.