Influenza cases skyrocketing in Denmark

Public could be staring down the barrel of a double-epidemic of influenza and COVID-19 this winter as cases mount across Europe

According to new figures from the State Serum Institute (SSI), the number of confirmed influenza cases has shot up significantly in recent weeks.

In week 47 there were 64 cases registered, a figure that has gone up considerably to 583 just three weeks later.

The sharp increase has been registered across all five regions of the country, which has led to an increase in hospitalisations – particularly in the Capital Region.

“It’s a hefty increase, but we are still within the norm. The influenza infection usually peaks in February-March and it’s still too early to say how serious the season will be this year,” said SSI doctor, Lasse Vestergaard.

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Double-edged sword?
SSI also contends that there is a reasonable chance of a simultaneous COVID-19 and influenza pandemic taking place.

That could lead to a spike in hospitalisations, particularly among the elderly and people in risk groups. 

The good news is that SSI estimates that the risk of a triple-epidemic – one which would also include an RSV epidemic – remains relatively low.

SSI recommends getting an influenza vaccine and following good hygiene practices, as well as limit contact with others if you show symptoms of influenza.