Keep dreaming Bing: Little chance of a white Christmas 

Snow may fall locally, but chances of the entire country getting powder is slim to none, contend national meteorologists 

If you were hoping to celebrate Christmas under a blanket of snow this year … well … you better make like Bing and keep dreaming.

The warmer weather in recent days has melted off hopes that snow could remain on the ground for Christmas this year. 

“We can’t write off snow falling locally on December 24, but the most recent forecasts indicate a front approaching Denmark from the southwest which will likely bring sleet or very wet snow around the country,” said Jens Baunbæk Lindskjold, a DMI meteorologist.

“The prognosis is insecure and sleet can change to rain or snow, but we can completely reject a white Christmas nationally.”

Lindskjold did say that the weather looks to cool down after Christmas and there might come snow between then and New Years.

A rarity in Denmark
To be considered a ‘White Christmas’, there must be at least half a centimeter of snow in 90 percent of the country on the afternoon of December 24. 

A white Christmas has only been recorded 12 times since 1874 – seven times in the 20th century, and twice in the 21st century.

The last time was a back-to-back showing in 2009 and 2010, while the most recent time it snowed locally was in 2018.