Copenhagen Police boosts presence following spate of stabbings

Christian Wenande
December 28th, 2022

This article is more than 2 years old.

A series of stabbings in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg in recent days could lead police ushering in stop-and-search zones

Current penalties for knife crime are considered insufficient (photo: Pixabay)

Since December 24, Copenhagen has seen five stabbings, including two young men being knifed down in Nørrebro last night.

As a result, the Copenhagen Police have announced that it will step up its presence on the capital’s streets, while comprehensive investigations into the crimes have been launched.

“It’s a big job and it is continuing. There is nothing that indicates that the perpetrators have targeted random victims,” said deputy police inspector, Knud Hvass.

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Stop-and-search zones?
Following the two latest stabbings, the police are considering ushering in other initiatives, including stop-and-search zones.

The police also call for any citizens who may have witnessed something in connection with the stabbings to call the police at 114.

The authorities said that it was too early to conclude whether the knife attacks are gang related.


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