New speed control devices placed in Denmark

Loïc Padovani
December 30th, 2022

This article is more than 2 years old.

25 ATK vehicles will be added on the Danish roads (photo: Vejdirektoratet)

The Danish national police have a late Christmas gift that motorists won’t be happy about. A decision has been taken to raise the number of ATK (automatic speed control) vehicles on Danish roads from 82 to 107.

“We know that speeding is a factor in four out of 10 fatal accidents. If we are to achieve our goal of fewer fatalities in traffic, it is absolutely crucial that we all take the top off the speed,” the head of the traffic police at the Central and West Zealand Police, Deputy Police Inspector Thomas Tarpgaard, said.

Two more ATK vehicles in Copenhagen
The increase will impact every Danish region. There will be three more ATK vehicles in East Jutland, Central and West Jutland, South-East Jutland and South Zealand and Lolland-Falster; two in North Jutland, South Jutland, Funen, North Zealand, Western Copenhagen and Copenhagen; and only one in Central and West Zealand.

The devices have been upgraded. For example, the cameras now have a higher resolution.



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