Danish News Round-Up: Lazy shoppers only have themselves to blame if their chilli mayo is mouldy, claims DR

Check your fridges for a condiment and a cheese that will expire long before their advised dates

DR would appear to be calling people who buy chilli mayonnaise “lazy”.

Listing the ingredients – in all fairness, there are seven – it warned: “If you have been lazy, then you must be careful – at least if you have shopped at Netto.”

Apparently, the Big Farm Boys version (230 grams; expiry date 22-11-2023) has been withdrawn due to a high risk of mould forming in the product.

Similar story with the cheese … almost
The same is also true of  ‘TreSpanish cheeses’ sold under the ‘Don Juan’ brand at Føtex and Blika.

Produced by Geia Food, the expiry date is 26-02-2003.

The only difference is that DR did not brand buyers lazy for not buying a cow, curdling the milk, and separating the curds and the whey. 

Fighting talk from former PM over Taiwan
Following his meeting with Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan, in his capacity as chair of Alliance of Democracies, former Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen has warned China that there will be serious economic consequences should it invade its island neighbour. “Any Chinese attempt to change the status quo in Taiwan by force should lead to a unified response, and we will have to make that clear to China,” he said. “China is far more dependent on global supply than Russia. Making the economic consequences of any attack clear will be a strong deterrent.”

Kick in the teeth for two-zone commuters in Copenhagen
As was announced in late August, DSB has confirmed that its January round of ticket price rises will kick in from the 15th, and commuters in Copenhagen will be particularly hard hit. The cost of a two-zone commuter card will increase by 40 kroner per month to 450, but the cost of an eight-zone commuter card by only 20 to 1,350. Other rail tickets will increase by between 2.4 and nearly 10 percent.

Three charged following stabbing this morning in Vanløse
The police have confirmed they have charged three people with attempted murder following the stabbing of a 32-year-old man at Jyllingevej Station in Vanløse, an outer district of Copenhagen. All three, two men and one woman, are Polish. Train services were suspended while the police closed off the station. The incident was the capital’s 11th stabbing since Christmas Eve.

Likely explanation for mysterious rubber boats – it’s Brexit innit
At least five abandoned rubber boats have been found on the west coast of Denmark, and while there has been no official explanation, it’s presumed the vessels were used by people trying to sail from France to the UK – particularly in light of their poor quality. Since Brexit, asylum-seekers know that should their application be rejected by a EU country, they can reapply in the UK. In recent years, the number of boats attempting to cross the English Channel has started to rival the traffic seen in the Mediterranean.

Double the number of houses up for sale, compared to January 2022
There are currently twice as many houses up for sale in the Capital Region as there were at the start of 2022, reports Boligsiden. This compares with a nationwide average of 35.1 percent, although there are 46.1 percent more flats. Rising interest rates mean more people in the Capital Region are being forced to sell.

Rollercoaster that caused girl’s death to be demolished
The Cobraen rollercoaster at Tivoli Friheden in Aarhus, where a 14-year-old girl lost her life in an accident in July, will be demolished. The accident is still being investigated by the authorities. A new ride should be in place by 2014 at the earliest, confirmed Tivoli Friheden.