Denmark on the podium of the world’s best countries to raise a family

TheCopenhagenPost    January 19th, 2023

Denmark among the world’s best for raising a family (photo: Pixabay)

Children are very well welcome in Denmark. On a list dominated by European countries, Nordic countries accounted for five of the top 11 places.

Enjoy Travel placed Denmark second on its list of the Top 25 Best Countries in the world to raise a family.

The website took into account education, childcare, safety, wages, rental prices, policies, healthcare and services to make the list.

Among the Nordics, only Norway finished ahead of Denmark in first place, with Iceland fourth, Finland fifth and Sweden 11th.

Denmark number 2 in the world
The Danish realm provides a lot of good services for children, such as free dental healthcare until the age of 21, for instance.

“Denmark has been a top choice for parents for years, thanks to its excellent healthcare, education and safety. At 61,331 US dollars, median salaries are some of the highest in Europe, while rent costs remain relatively affordable too. This has a serious impact on the cost of living and well-being, also bolstered by a highly accessible and affordable childcare system,” applauded Enjoy Travel.

“Gender equality is high on the government agenda too, which explains its progressive approach to parental leave.”

Denmark tied for second with Singapore.

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