Danish police to use electric cars

Loïc Padovani
January 27th, 2023

This article is more than 1 year old.

The Danish National Police is embracing the green transition!

Ten electric patrol cars will become part of the police’s regular fleet, it has been confirmed.

Varies between districts
“There is a big difference between the driving needs of the different districts,” explained police chief Jens Yndgaard, Head of Center CFM.

“In some regions, patrol cars cover many kilometres every day, while in others they drive somewhat less. Through tests in several police districts, we will learn more about the different needs.”

No fixed date yet
The Danish National Police didn’t mention when the cars will make their debut, but is confident they will be able to perform the same tasks as the old cars were able to do.

The switchover to electric cars makes sense as it has become harder to obtain the same model of car the police are used to driving.


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