Plagued by potholes: municipalities concede it’s an asphalt jungle out there

Combination of heavy rainfall and freezing temperatures has played havoc with the nation’s roads

Denmark is suddenly a country plagued by potholes. The combination of extreme amounts of rainfall and freezing temperatures this month has exerted extreme pressure on the tarmac to the extent it’s becoming an asphalt jungle out there for many motorists.

An altercation with a pothole can cause damage to the tyre, wheel rim and even the steering gear – and it’s particularly difficult to see them whilst driving in the very conditions that cause them.

A problem across the whole country
Moisture retention tends to create cracks, and then when water enters the cracks and freezes, the tarmac can start to quickly disintegrate. This is happening noticeably across Denmark.

A report on the matter by DR cites how many potholes have appeared across Denmark, including in the municipalities of Roskilde, Aalborg, Nykøbing-Rørvig  and Odsherred.

Advised to inform the authorities
Motorists are advised to inform their local municipalities of any significant potholes that appear on the roads. 

However, several municipalities have already reported they are simply overwhelmed and unable to cope with the large number.