First school in Denmark to try out four-day week

Christian Wenande
February 2nd, 2023

This article is more than 1 year old.

Summer break may be a bit shorter, but school in Aalborg will experiment by closing down on selected Mondays later this year

Last year, Esbjerg Municipality turned heads by announcing its four-day work week trial had been a resounding success.

Now a school a little further up north in Aalborg is making headlines for the very same reason.

As the first in Denmark, Aalborg Katedralskole has revealed it will experiment with four-day school weeks in the near future.

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Long weekends in sight
The school will be closed on six selected Mondays, giving students and teachers a long weekend. The downside will be a summer holiday that is six days shorter.

“We’ve been inspired by the places that have four-day working weeks,” Christian Nielsen Warming, the headteacher of Aalborg Katedralskole, told TV2 News.

“So then we discussed whether we could do something similar as staff and students are both under a lot of pressure. We couldn’t quite replicate it, but we can get part of the way there.”

The new initiative will kick in during the next school year after the summer break.


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