Concert Review: Aitch 2 Wow


By Eric Maganga

Set the scene, a packed Store Vega on a Tuesday night, anticipation built up like an uncontrollable flame and Aitch’s DJ was pouring gallons of gasoline on it.

The crowd was combustible and on this night, Aitch was a pyromaniac. The Manchester MC with the big personality rocked the Copenhagen crowd for over an hour.

He had something for the day-one Aitch fans, music for the ladies, and tracks to mosh pit to if you were inclined to indulge.

Potent start, smooth finish
His joy was contagious bordering on infectious. And he kept his poise when an excited woman threw her bra on stage. Ever the fashion expert, the man with a song called ‘Louis Vuitton’ appreciated that the undergarment was from Calvin Klein.

For long portions of the evening, Aitch had the crowd’s arms raised in unison, as if they were cooling fans in an inferno. The audience always obliged which led the performer to point out the applause was different outside of the UK.

On the back end of the show he turned down the aggression while keeping the energy. A rousing rendition of the Ed Sheeran supported ‘My G’ had the audience in touch with all their feelings.

By the time he closed with ‘Baby’ it was clear, this was Aitch’s night as he basked in the purple spotlight.