Winter Holiday: In the home of the Vikings

February at Viking Ship Museum

Vindeboder 12, Roskilde, open daily 10:00-16:00; over-18s: 125kr, under-18s: free adm;

Travel back to Denmark’s proud Viking past! Located in Roskilde, Vikingeskibsmuseet is a national ship museum built in 1969 that houses five original Viking ships from the 11th century. It’s the perfect place to learn the story of the Norsemen who ruled the waves and conquered all.

The boat collection at the museum also includes more than 40 reconstructed vessels – some of which can even be sailed on!

Until the end of April, 45-minute guided tours are available at the museum in English at 11:00 every day.

Coming this Winter
During the Winter Holiday, from February 11 to 26 at 11:00, visitors can enjoy a Viking trading expedition in the company of a chieftain travelling from northern Norway to the South of Denmark.

After that, walk in the footsteps of a maritime archaeologist, who will explain how excavations have been carried out in Danish waters, from the Baltic Sea to the Great Belt.

At the end of the day, at 14:00, discover the Vikings’ colour workshop: a chance to consider the pigments and motifs they preferred in their art.

Not just the Vikings
And there’s more than just the Vikings to consider, as there is an entire exhibition dedicated to the Battle of Fehrmarn Belt in 1644. ‘In Smoke and Flames’ is the result of several years of research to tell the story via a timeline with plenty of twists along the way.

The museum also needs your help to catch the master thief Heidenreich. Team up with Astrid to chase the thief and solve the riddles.

Mostly recommended for children aged 6-13, the game is played all day long. Make sure you bring a smartphone and download the game app before playing.

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