Weddings up significantly last year

The number of couples tying the knot jumped by 20 percent in 2022 – a year that also saw more church weddings and fewer divorces

According to new stats from Danmarks Statistik, the number of weddings in Denmark rose considerably last year compared to 2021.

Some 33,054 couples said “I do” in 2022 – a 20 percent increase compared to the previous year and the highest number of weddings registered in the country since the 2000s.

The figures also showed that of the weddings, 79 percent were doing so for the first time. Only 3 percent had tried it before in the under-35 age group.

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Going to the chapel
The number of people being wed in churches also shot up dramatically from 7,800 in 2021 to 10,200 in 2022.

In fact, church weddings accounted for 31 percent of all weddings last year, up from 27 percent just three years ago, but still lower than the 35 percent who did so in 2012.

Denmark’s divorce rate also took a nosedive, down by 5 percent to 12,319. The only age group that saw a slight increase was the 30-39-year-olds.

Check out Denmark’s divorce rate per year in the image below.