Denmark scores high for driver satisfaction

Christian Wenande
February 22nd, 2023

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Congestion levels and road quality sees the Danes rank among the top countries on the Global Driver Satisfaction Index

Just don’t get stuck behind one of these! (photo: Visit Denmark/ Robin Skjoldborg)

Not all international drivers are impressed with what they encounter on the roads in Denmark, as one of CPH Post’s columnists recently vented.

But according to the new Global Driver Satisfaction Index, it certainly could be worse. 

Compiled by UK vehicle financier Moneybarn, the index had Denmark just outside the top five behind leaders Singapore, Japan, Turkey, Spain and Switzerland.

Denmark, Slovenia, Canada, the Netherlands and the UK completed the top 10.

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High costs for petrol and parking
The Danes accumulated an overall score of 6.06 out of 10 – a result largely driven by the quality of its road infrastructure and low congestion levels in the capital.

However, the country’s ranking was hamstrung by high prices for off-street parking and the highest price for petrol of any country in the top 10.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Greece was rated the worst country for driver satisfaction, preceded by Italy, Romania, New Zealand and Latvia.

Check out the Global Driver Satisfaction Index here.


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