Double Tragedy in Taastrup and Møns Klint

Stabbing in Høje Taastrup
Two boys, 16 and 17, pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of murder and attempted murder following a fatal stabbing in Taastrup on Monday, DR reports.

The older boy has been remanded in custody as legal proceedings continue. The other has been released on bail.

On Monday, two boys, 18 and 17, died after being stabbed. One was stabbed in the neck, the other in the heart. Another boy, 17, was stabbed in the leg, but his injuries were not fatal.

Both of the accused, aged 16 and 17, plead not guilty. The charges for both are murder and attempted murder, which the charge sheet specified were committed “by association, after prior agreement and with intent to kill”.

Jens Lang Rask, defending for the 17-year-old who remains in custody, entered the plea yesterday on behalf of his client, who claims he acted out of necessity.

The boy turned himself in on Tuesday, the day after the stabbing. The other boy, 16, was subsequently arrested. It is currently being decided whether he too will be remanded.

Man falls to death at Møns Klint
In other tragic news, a 22-year-old man has died after falling at Møns Klint, report South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police.

The man’s relatives have been informed.