Leads required for dogs on the beach from April to September

Dog owners could be punished if their pets roam free

You’ll unlikely see any dog off their lead on Danish beaches this summer. According to the Nature Protection Act, all dogs will have to be kept on a lead between April 1 and September 30 – and it is mostly out of respect to birds.

“It is important to take into account the breeding birds around the beaches. We often can’t see them ourselves, but our dogs’ snouts can easily find them,” explained Jens Jokumsen from the Dyrenes Beskyttelse animal protection organisation.

“It is therefore important to give the birds peace to care for their young without having to fear loose predators such as dogs.”

Punishments could vary
Without a lead, dogs are free to run everywhere they want, often causing problems to beach-goers too, but Jokumsen is confident the dogs can still enjoy the beach.

“A lead does not ruin the dog’s trip to the beach, as it still a sensory joy for the animal,” Jokumsen added.

Sanctions will depend on the different beaches if the rules are not followed by the pet’s owner.