I should Cocio! The criminal world’s equivalent of being caught with chocolate milk moustaches

Dutch duo sentenced to 16 years each for role in amphetamines empire

Two Dutch citizens were sentenced to 16 years in prison today for their involvement in the sale and manufacture of amphetamines.

Both men have also been banned from re-entering the country once their sentences are served.

The two individuals had links to a drug lab on a farm in Odder, a small town south of Aarhus. Their role was importing the ingredients needed for the production of amphetamines.

They were caught red-handed thanks to police surveillance, although the detail which led to their arrest is more reminiscent of a Guy Ritchie film than a sleepy town in eastern Jutland.

Cocio criminals
The National Unit for Special Crime (NSK) shadowed the criminals’ movements over a prolonged period of time, using high-tech methods to track them.

But in the end, it was a bottle of Cocio that proved instrumental in bringing down the malefactors. Yes, the chocolate-flavoured drink, beloved of Danes, ended up playing a decisive role in catching the drug lords in Odder.

The manufacturers, who tended to carry out their transactions in the same carpark, signalled their presence to business partners, including the Dutch duo, by placing a bottle of Cocio on the roof of their car.

The NSK were able to find out about this by cracking encrypted messages sent and received by the drug-importing Dutchmen and their colleagues.