Quarterly meter readings! Gas consumers to get a more accurate picture of how much they owe

From June, customers will be able to determine the true extent of what they owe

From June, the country’s gas consumers will be able to confirm a reading of their meter every three months to their supplier.

According to state distributor Evida, this will provide approximately 400,000 Danes with a “better match between their consumption and bill, highlighting if there have been any major changes in their usage”.

Many have taken issue
A great many gas customers have been unhappy in the past year, with 30,000 people alone calling their supplier about their bill in September 2022.

“For many years, gas prices were stable. Therefore it made sense to read the meter once a year, and for customers to expect a bill that correlated with their consumption,” explained Evida’s CEO, Kim Søgaard Bjerring Kristensen, to TV2.

“But now prices are rising, and customers no longer have a clear idea of what they can expect in their bill.”

Bills should be more accurate
Readings will take place on June 30, September 30, December 31 and March 31 to determine the bills customers can expect to receive in October, January, April and July, respectively accounting for an estimated 8, 33, 42 and 17 percent of what they can expect their annual bill to amount to.

Evida will send the customers a message (SMS, email, e-Boks etc) to remind them the quarter is finishing and that they need to take a meter reading.

Should customers not read their meter, their consumption will be estimated.