Pervy Per is off to prison!

Sebastian Haw
March 29th, 2023

Per Zeidler, a former local politician, has once again been convicted of organising orgies

Orgies! What orgies? Zeidler pleaded not guilty, but was convicted anyway (photo: Øxenholt)

Per Zeidler, a former local politician in Jutland, will serve nine months in prison for his part in the organisation of gang-bangs, reports BT.

This is the second time he has been convicted of the offence: in 2019 he was handed a six-month suspended sentence. This time, however, his sentence dictates that he must go to prison. 

Zeidler was allegedly making money through paying women to have sex with several men at the same time. The ex-politician denied profiting from the orgies, in spite of strong evidence to the contrary.

All of the gang-bangs took place in Jutland, and several were held in the vicinity of Hadsund, north of Randers.

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Can’t teach an old dog not to turn tricks
After Zeidler’s first sentencing, just a few days allegedly passed before he was organising sex parties again.

His scheme was to collect 20 percent of the total income from the parties. The court confiscated a sum of 16,729 kroner from Zeidler, assessing this was the total of the ‘unjustified profit’ he had made from the orgies.

Although he organised 73 sex parties before his trial in 2019, it is unclear how many he was being tried for this time.

Seedy subterfuge
Zeidler was caught both times thanks to undercover journalists. In the most recent case, a female journalist from Kanal 5 expressed interest in taking part in the orgies.

She then used hidden video and audio devices to record what was going on at the parties. A recorded conversation between her and Zeidler was central to the prosecution’s case.


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