Biker gang Satudarah could be banned in Denmark

The government is deciding whether to ban the biker gang Satudarah, the justice minister, Peter Hummelgaard, told DR.

There is significant support for the ban in Parliament, with Venstre and Moderaterne both giving it the thumbs up.

The gang is already banned in Germany and the Netherlands, and Norway is currently deciding whether to do the same.

“They pose a serious threat to society and to Danes. Therefore, we will use all conceivable means we can, within the framework of the constitution,” said Hummelgaard, a member of Socialdemokratiet.

Not the first, nor the last
Satudarah would not be the first gang to be banned in Denmark: in 2021 the Supreme Court decided to ban Loyal To Familia (LTF), whose members had committed numerous murders and acts of violence.

While LTF no longer exists, Satudarah is still going strong, constituting one of the three major biker gangs active in Denmark – the other two are the Hell’s Angels and Bandidos.

Biker gangs have a bloody past in Denmark. The Nordic Biker War in the 1990s claimed the lives of 11 people, including two Hell’s Angels members who were killed by a rocket-propelled grenade. Over a three-year period there were over 70 murder attempts linked to the conflict.

Nowadays biker gangs try to keep a low profile: it is better for business, which consists largely of drug trafficking. 

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