Digital service e-Boks is back online

Public had been unable to access the service since Thursday … though there were other alternatives available

The digital service e-Boks is back online after being down since Thursday.

E-Boks, which the public can use to access messages from the municipality or health sector, was up and running again on Saturday morning.

However, in some cases response times can be delayed.

The problems reportedly stem from e-Boks subcontractor KMD, which develops and provides software and service soltuions to municipalities, the state and business sector.

According to e-Boks, some 5.2 million people use its service.

Original story from March 31:

Those looking to log in to e-Boks to pay bills or check messages sent by the municipality will need to entertain alternative avenues.

The digital solution has been down since yesterday and it is yet unknown when exactly the digital solution will be online again.

“e-Boks is temporarily unavailable due to technical problems. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Regards, e-Boks,” is the message received when attempting to log on.

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Other options available
e-Boks wrote that its distributors are frantically working to get their solution back online.

The good news is that the public can still check their digital messages elsewhere – at or via

According to e-Boks, some 5.2 million people use its service.