Nordics miss out on Euro 2025, but can Dane cling onto his UEFA ExCom seat?

Jesper Møller faces competition from Norwegian Football Association president Lise Klaveness

The Nordic countries will not be hosting the Euro 2025 women’s football tournament, the UEFA Executive Committee confirmed in Lisbon yesterday evening.

Instead Switzerland will. After the first round of voting produced a three-way tie between the eventual winners, the Nordics and Poland on four votes each, with France receiving just one vote, the result was never in doubt once a healthy lead was established in round two.

The Nordics did not improve on their four votes, but it was enough to see them into the third and final round after Poland lost a vote in round two. 

In round three, the Swiss triumphed by nine votes to four over the Nordics.

Norwegian could take DBU head’s seat
“Of course we are disappointed, but the work does not stop here,” commented Jesper Møller, the chair of the DBU football association, last night.

Today Møller faces a battle of his own, and it will be within the Nordics this time, as Norwegian Football Association president Lise Klaveness, a vocal critic of FIFA, has emerged as a rival to take his seat on the UEFA Executive Committee – a position he has held since 2019.

Nevertheless, Klaveness’s interest in taking a seat is confirmation that the Nordics are growing in strength in the inner-circle of European football, but will it be enough to land the region two seats?

It’s unlikely, concur experts, so one is likely to miss out.