The cows know it’s summer! Celebrate Økodag with them at the nation’s organic dairies this Sunday

Around 70 venues tend to take part in an occasion that draws in 100,000 people across Denmark

A glance at your thermometer today confirms an oddity not seen in these parts since November: double figures!

And even the night-time temperatures are hovering around 6 degrees and showing no sign of sinking – the signal it’s safe to leave all your plants on the balcony overnight.

But if you really wanted an indication that the coldness is over and that you can ditch your gloves, scarf and hat, then look to the country’s nature.

In Denmark, the public tends to celebrate the occasion with its cows!

“Are these burger cows?”
Since 2005, Økodag has been enabling the public to connect with the country’s organic dairies – on the official day the cows first leave their stables and come out to graze for the summer ahead. Some are known to frolick and jump with excitement.

Historically, the event has attracted over 2 million visitors and upwards of 70 dairies regularly take part.

On Sunday April 16, something in the region of 100,000 people are again expected to take the opportunity to watch the bovine boogie.

Many are families with inquisitive children anxious for answers to important questions like “Where do milkshakes come from?” and “Are these burger cows?”

Big moment is at midday
Arranged by Økologisk Landsforening in association with the country’s dairies, the day tends to run smoothly thanks to funding from Mælkeafgiftsfonden and Fonden for Økologisk Landbrug.

The cows basking outside is an integral ingredient of good organic milk, concur the dairies, and they tend to be out there grazing from mid-April to November every year.

On Økodag, the participating dairies and farms will open from 10:00 until 14:00, with the cows scheduled to take their big bow at 12:00.

It is advised to register at the location of your choice – many have already sold out, so best to reserve today – and to get there early to get a good spot. Proof of registration is needed to visit and enjoy the day.