Seeing John Malkovich: Hollywood star to appear in play at Musikhuset Aarhus next January

Seasoned star will play a serial killer in what has been described as a hybrid of theatre and classical music

He’s one of Hollywood’s most recognisable stars thanks to a successful career that has seen him appear in many major films since the 1980s, including ‘Dangerous Liaisons’, ‘In the Line of Fire’ and ‘Con Air’ – normally always as snarling villains. 

Most memorably, he didn’t just play the title character, but he was the title character in ‘Being John Malkovich’, a surreal journey into his mind written by master craftsman Charlie Kaufman.

But as eclectic as his film choice has been, the 69-year-old’s decision to appear in a play in Aarhus next year pretty much tops the lot.

In the history of English-speaking theatre in Denmark, he’s unquestionably the biggest ever star to grace the niche with his presence.

Tailor-made for Malkovich
Malkovich will portray Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger in ‘The Infernal Comedy’ – a play based on a true story.

Since its premiere in the US in 2008, the play has toured all over the world, and on January 13 it will arrive at Musikhuset Aarhus for one night only.

“We see it as a huge scoop that one of the most legendary and charismatic actors is coming to Denmark,” enthused Musikhuset artistic director Jeppe Uggerhøj upon announcing the news. “The role of Jack Unterweger, who seduces women and murders for lust, is tailor-made for Malkovich.”

Theatre-goers can expect a unique mix of classical music, theatre and serial killing – so something akin to an evening with Dr Hannibal Lecter, a role Malkovich nearly played in ‘Hannibal’ before Anthony Hopkins committed. 

Tickets cost 490 to 840 kroner and sales commence on Friday April 21 at 10:00 via this link.