Car cameras helping police to solve crimes

CPH POST reporter
April 20th, 2023

Violations, thefts, criminals on the run … the rise in dashboard recording tech increases the likelihood there will be footage that can help the authorities

When the police asked for help from the public in the search for the 13-year-old abducted girl on Saturday, a lot of assistance was provided. Several Danes with cameras in their cars were able to hand over footage to the police, providing potential clues in the hunt for the now arrested 32-year-old man.

One response came from Bodil Grubak. She lives only 800 metres from the place where the 13-year-old girl’s bike and belongings were found on Saturday.

She tells DR how her husband’s car was parked along the road. It was equipped with a switched-on camera pointing in the direction of the spot where the 13-year-old girl disappeared.

Might have recorded suspect
When the police called for surveillance images from the area, she checked if the camera in the car had recorded something. Yes, indeed. 

She has not seen the footage but feels certain the camera will have caught the perpetrator if he drove past their house.

“All traffic that has come both ways has been filmed. And you can see it all. Both colour, make and number plate. Although I don’t know if you can see the driver when he drives by at high speed,” Bodil Grubak tells DR.

Increased numbers of car cameras
It is uncertain whether the video recording contributed to the arrest in the actual case. But it is very likely that private video surveillance recorded by a car camera can help the police in the pursuit of criminals.

Both FDM and retail chains report increased sales and use of car cameras. Where before it was mostly professional drivers who bought cameras, today it is also ordinary motorists.

On top of the many fixed video cameras installed in public spaces, there is a good chance that you are being recorded in traffic – without you knowing it.


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