The Copenhagen Post under new ownership

Denmark’s leading media for foreign citizens has come under new ownership. A revitalised The Copenhagen Post will make life easier for expats and foreign citizens in Denmark

The new edition of The Copenhagen Post hitting the streets of Denmark today is the first under new ownership – and the new company behind the 25 year-old media has great ambitions, the CEO states.

“We’re excited to have this opportunity to develop a legacy media that plays an important role for thousands of foreign people living in Denmark,” says Jesper Skeel, the CEO of The Post ApS.

Various studies show that being an expat in Denmark isn’t always a walk in the park; the language is hard, it can be difficult to settle, feel like home, understand the Danish way of living, running a company etc. 

But when thousands of foreign workers are expected to arrive in Denmark in the years to come, the need for an independent media in English is perhaps greater than ever before. 

Brighter future
The Copenhagen Post, founded in 1998 and for several years published by Ejvind Sandal, has gone through some tough times in recent years. 

Among the reasons why are the challenges that media all over the world face, but under new ownership new energy, ideas, and editorial concepts have grown already.  

The media did a survey in late March among its online users. The results confirm what previous studies have shown, but it also highlights the needs for relevant news about Danish society, information and guides about where to go and what to do when the office is closed, and interviews with expats about the challenges they face professionally and privately. 

“The results from our own survey, the studies we’ve read and the talks we’ve had with both expats and Danish companies tell us that there is a great potential for a media like The Copenhagen Post,” says Jesper Skeel. 

“Our ambition is to transform The Copenhagen Post from a free print media to a digital subscription media. We will still publish a paper, but our main focus will be online, serving relevant newsletters that help our users in their daily life.”

Relevant newsletters
The Copenhagen Post will therefore provide a daily newsletter containing the news Danes are talking about, articles about expat life, the Danish society and business life and inspiration about where to go, what to do and how to connect. 

“Our purpose is to make both private and professional life easier for expats and foreign citizens. We believe that independent reporting and guides can make a difference,” says Jesper Skeel. 

The CEO furthermore states that from now on The Copenhagen Post will look into how expats enrich Danish society and put a spotlight on role models who stand out in business and on the cultural scene. The media want to address the challenges expats face in Denmark – and point out the solutions that will make both private and professional life easier. In the future pipeline there are more products on the way:

“But for now we focus on delivering a relevant, independent and useful product,” says Jesper Skeel. 

He encourages all expats and foreign citizens to go to cphpost.dk and sign up for the daily newsletter.