Prince Joachim speaks out on Danish rearmament

Ben Hamilton
April 21st, 2023

Growing threat has necessitated the change this decade, he contends

Prince Joachim at work (photo: Danish Royal House)

According to the Danish queen’s second son Prince Joachim, the world is moving into a new modern age that necessitates Denmark to rethink its military strategy again.

In a recent interview with Information and Weekendavisen at the Danish Embassy in Berlin, he told reporters: “To put it quite frankly: we did not want to enter the rearmament between the years 1990 and 2022. Now we have to.”

To underline his point, he added: “We no longer live in peaceful times and the threat is real and not far away.”

Experienced defence attache
The public are not generally used to royals making such forthright opinions, but Prince Joachim is no ordinary royal.

He holds down a day job as the defence attache at the Danish embassy in Paris, and from September 1 he will take over as the defence industry attache at the Danish embassy in Washington DC.

He was in Berlin attending a German-Danish conference concerning defence and security, where the two countries could “get to know each other better and, based on that, cultivate each other – for example, in the areas of high-tech cutting-edge skills”, he explained to reporters.


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