Celebrating Sakura beneath the cherry blossom trees in Copenhagen

Leticia Bossi
April 26th, 2023

Japanese culture celebrated under cherry blossom

The tea ceremony (All photos: Hasse Ferrold)

Saturday under the sun and Sunday under the rain on April 22-23, numerous people found shade and cover under the cherry blossom during the 16th edition of the Sakura Festival in Langelinie Park.

Over a couple of days, cosplay and Japanese culture fans came out to enjoy the festivities.

Guests enjoyed a variety of activities, musical and dancing performances and weapon displays. And it was a chance to taste the country’s famous cuisine.

The kimono fashion show is a yearly tradition, as are the tea ceremony, haiku recitals, ink wash painting and ikebana flower arranging.

Welcome speech by Japanese ambassador.

Organised by the Japanese Embassy, Copenhagen Municipality and others, the festival celebrates Japanese culture and offers impressions from Japanese traditions.

Many ambassadors from different countries came to the event.


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