Report: Denmark is closing in on political climate targets

Nicolai Kampmann
April 28th, 2023

Denmark has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 49.8 percent compared to 1990. The political objective is in clear sight

DEA’s report is encouraging, but not everyone is on board (photo: Pixabay/andreas160578)

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) published its annual projections this morning … and the findings suggest that Denmark is on the right track in regards to its climate goals.

The DEA report estimates that by 2025, Denmark will have reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 49.8 percent compared to 1990 levels.

Denmark has targeted a reduction of 50-54 percent by then, so the politically-set goal seems to be well within reach.

However, the climate minister Lars Aagaard believes that much work remains to be done.

“Only when intentions are put into practice and lead to the phasing out of fossil fuels and reduced CO2 levels, will the green transition become a reality. We are fully focused on implementation and have come a long way, but difficult decisions lie ahead,” said Aaagaard.

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Climate Council skeptical
The government said last week that it intends to achieve the 2025 target by mixing more biofuels into the petrol tanks of cars and trucks.

But green advocates have conveyed skepticism.

For instance, the Council on Climate Change (Klimarådet), which has an advisory role for the government in relation to climate solutions, has called it a patchwork solution.

The government has set a goal that Denmark must be climate neutral by 2045 and that Denmark’s greenhouse gas emissions must be negative by 2050.


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