Danish in the workplace: Companies focus on social aspects

Christian Wenande
May 4th, 2023

Being able to speak Danish opens doors both professionally and privately, contends Jacob Madsen, co-partner at Danskbureauet

Being able to speak Danish can strengthen social bonds at work … and beyond (photo: Pixabay)

Danish companies are becoming more aware that learning Danish at some level, even if it’s an English speaking company, can strengthen the environment at the workplace.

That relates to bonding with colleagues, as well as career opportunities.

“Many of the social aspects occur in Danish,” Jacob Madsen, a co-partner at Danskbureauet, a language school that has taught Danish to internationals for decades, told The Copenhagen Post.

In many cases, Danskbureauet’s services, according to Madsen, are requested by companies looking to focus mostly on the social aspects at the workplace. 

But for others, such as researchers and health sector workers, internationals can be expected to be able to speak or teach in Danish.

Jacob Madsen, co-partner at Danskbureauet (photo: Danskbureauet)

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Risk of missing out
Furthermore Madsen explains that speaking Danish can be particularly relevant in relation to changing jobs or management positions, or contacting the public sector. 

And for doctors and nurses, for example, it’s virtually impossible to have a long term career in Denmark if you don’t master the language – due to the client group or patients that they deal with. 

“There are simple things you cannot partake in or fully have responsibility for if you don’t speak the language at some level,” Madsen says.

The same can, according to Madsen, be said for internationals with children. It can suddenly become very monolingual when navigating Aula or having contact with teachers and other parents.

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