Copenhagen looking to ban fossil fuel vehicles by 2030

Initially, the city will look into how to provide the required charging points for electric cars. And then there is the Frederiksberg issue

Late last week, local politicians agreed to completely ban fossil fuel vehicles from Copenhagen in 2030.

Rasmus Steenberger, a local politician for SF, said that a final date for banning the cars in Copenhagen will be set later this year. 

Before that, the city will investigate several avenues related to reaching the goal, such as how to erect the required number of electric car charge points needed to satisfy the huge demand that will come by the city changing to more sustainable vehicle types.

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Frederiksberg flustered 
Another aspect that will require a thorough inspection is the Frederiksberg issue.

As a municipality completely surrounded by Copenhagen, Frederiksberg would face a difficult situation in 2030 if it did not follow suit and also ban fossil fuel vehicles.

“I think that Copenhagen could reach out to us so that we don’t end up being a kind of West Berlin and get squeezed,” Michael Vindfeldt, the mayor of Frederiksberg, told TV2 Kosmopol.

However, before anything can happen the government will need to approve the legal framework for the comprehensive plan.