First cargo bike parking stands popping up in Copenhagen

New stands fit all types of cargo bikes and will help alleviate issues that have long hampered the popular bicycle model

For many families in Copenhagen, the cargo bike is a popular mode of transport when ferrying children to daycare, kindergarten or after-school activities.

But because they are difficult to park securely to fixed objects, they are also a popular high-value target for bicycle thieves. 

Now, the city is looking to alleviate that issue by establishing new parking stands specifically designed for cargo bikes.

“We have established 28 new cargo bike stands around the city. You can use them to park and lock your cargo bike to the stands with your chain,” wrote Copenhagen Municipality on Facebook.

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More on the way
The city revealed that the new stands fit all types of cargo bikes and will be a part of its portfolio for construction projects in the future. 

The new stands will be located near bus stops, shopping areas and childcare institutions.

Space used for existing bicycle stand areas will not be reduced in order to make room for the new cargo bike parking option. 

In fact, the city has revealed that it will test new parking stands that offer more secure locking options for standard bicycles this spring and summer.