On Screens this Spring: Bridgerton’s got a new bride, but what would the Indian Matchmaking matriarch say?

PREVIEW: All the best films and TV shows heading to you in April and May

Seema Taparia might seem like an unlikely star. The Mumbai marriage consultant became famous in her late 50s, so it’s not like she’s been craving fame, so why all the criticism, trolling and memes? Her show Indian Matchmakin (S3; Netflix; April 21) keeps on getting better. It has taken India and the world by storm, so haters got to hate, I guess.

There is much curiosity surrounding the series such as whether it is scripted or the couples featured are still married or together after filming finishes. In season three, Taparia returns to give reality checks to singles looking to bind their love forever. But the question is will Seema’s peculiar character overpower the ridiculous stereotypes portrayed in the series?

Best of the dramas
Are you a period drama lover? Pay close attention to Spy/master (S1; HBO Max; May 19), a historical espionage English-language drama set in Romania during the Cold War. The central character, Victor Godeanu (Alec Secăreanu – God’s Own Country), juggles his spying with an advisory role to President Nicolae Ceaușescu as great risk to himself and his family. “As a child, I used to watch James Bond, which is a very cartoony version of espionage. It was something we really wanted to avoid. We wanted it to feel real,” explained writer Kirsten Peters.

Also worthy of your consideration is War Sailor (Netflix; April 2), a Norwegian limited edition miniseries. Based on a true story, a Norwegian ship is halfway across the Atlantic Ocean when World War II breaks out and has no choice but to participate.

Also set during WWII, Transatlantic (Netflix; April 7; 64) depicts how the Emergency Rescue Committee helped artists escape after the fall of France. It has its moments, but we’re not sure it ever fully realises its potential.

White House Plumbers (HBO Max; May 2; 60) is a five-part satirical miniseries that tells the captivating story of how Richard Nixon’s Watergate masterminds, E Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux), unknowingly toppled the presidency they were trying to defend. It is based on the 2007 book Integrity by Egil Krogh and Matthew Krogh.

And finally, post-apocalyptic tale Silo (S1; Apple TV+; May 5; 75) stars Rebecca Ferguson as an engineer living underground with 10,000 others – and then a murder takes place. This adaptation of Hugh Howey’s trilogy is absolutely riveting. Strong characterisation and haunting music serves it well.

Second-best romcoms
Hearts flutter when Ben (Harry Lawtey – Industry, The Pale Blue Eye) meets Jess (Sophia Brown – The Witcher: Blood Origin) in You & Me (S1; TV2TV; May 5). This British romantic comedy also combines as the three protagonists more collide than fall in love.

Of similar ilk, A Tourist’s Guide to Love (Netflix; April 21; 49 on Metacritic) follows a recently heartbroken undercover holiday company executive to Vietnam where she falls for her tour guide. Breathtaking aerial shots of Vietnam make up for all the cheesy dialogue.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Netflix; May 5; 76) is like the popular series based on a romance novel by Julia Quinn about how Queen Charlotte fell in love with King George. Lavish sets, charming lighting, strong characters, and the name of Bridgerton will have viewers rushing in.

Disco vibes
Documentary maker Roger Ross Williams, who in 2014 became the first black director to ever win an Oscar (in his case for Short Live Film), is turning his attention to Donna Summer with Love to love you, Donna Summer (S1; HBO; May 21). Expect a wholesome disco journey as you get lost in the montage of black-and-white videos of Donna living her life in centre stage.

Staying with the music theme, the musical The Muppets Mayhem (Disney+; May 10; 73) comes highly recommended – mostly thanks to an awful lot of vibrant and hilarious cameos. This is family entertainment at its best.

While One More Time (Netflix; April 21) has nothing to do with the irritating Daft Punk single you won’t be able to get out of your head now we’ve mentioned it. Not groundbreaking, but certainly watchable, Amelia time travels from her 40th birthday back to being 18.

Stream me a river
But if you’re not a Marvel fan – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (May 5; 65 ) was the big release – it’s tricky to know what might tempt you to the cinemas this May.

Instead, your best option is staying in with Netflix – we recommend Spirit Rangers (May 8), Hannah Gadsby: Something Special (May 9), Mulligan (S1; May 12), Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me (May 16), I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson (S3; May 30) – or Apple: Harriet the Spy (S2; May 5), City on Fire (S1; May 12), Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie (May 12; 75 on Metacritic), High Desert (S1; May 17), Prehistoric Planet (S2; May 23) and Platonic (S1; May 24).

Platonic … doesn’t sound like Seema Taparia’s cup of tea at all.