Severe traffic disruption ongoing on Danish roads

Motorists best advised to avoid driving until strike action by truckers is over

Heading into the weekend, it looked like today’s action by truckers dissatisfied with new HGV charges had been averted.

But no! Chaos currently reigns on the nation’s roads.

So if you have not yet set off for your road journey today – whether it’s a late-morning commute, to a lunch meeting or general travel ahead of the Thursday holiday – you are best advised to check media and local police updates before setting off.

Both DR and TV2 are both frantically trying to keep up with what is rapidly becoming one of the worst ever days on Danish roads!

Blocked off motorways
Reports are coming in from all over the country of trucks are blocking key routes: roundabouts, entry points to motorways, and roads to important hubs such as Copenhagen Airport. 

“Extraordinary queues may occur,” warns the Vejdirektoratet road directorate. 

So far, the only region to not report widespread incidents is north Zealand.

“Don’t give in,” urges green group
Environmentalist groups are happy with the government’s plans to raise the tax applicable to petrol or diesel-fuelled HGV vehicles from 2025 onwards.

“I’ve seen drivers dressed in yellow vests blocking the roads today,” wrote Bjarke Møller, the head of Rådet for Grøn Omstilling, on Twitter this morning.

“But they already get a large discount, compared to how much they should pay in relation to the environmental impact. It’s an important step to promoting a green transition to electric vehicles.”

Rail strike will affect airport service
The road blockages aren’t the only strikes likely to affect transport today.

From 15:00, those travelling to Copenhagen Airport are best advised to catch the Metro, as a strike by Swedish rail staff could seriously disrupt train services to the airport – and further on to Sweden

Further rail strikes could take place on Friday 19 May and Monday 22 May.