My ♥ CPH: “Oh my God, that moment by the canal: Swimming, chilling, just hanging out”

Ahead of the premiere of ‘The Disappeared’ on May 18, CPH POST caught up with its British-born composer Josh Herring

Josh Herring, 31, is a British singer, songwriter and choir leader best known in Copenhagen for his work with three singing groups Population, Queer Community Singing Group and Modern Vocal Ensemble. He moved to Denmark in 2018 to study a master’s degree in music creation at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC) in Copenhagen. Since graduating, Josh has found work composing music and singing for different projects.

I settled in Denmark because … I met my boyfriend here and we live together. I’d moved here for a master’s degree in music, which later transformed into a research diploma. After that, I realised I could find my niche in music. People love to have hobbies and make communities here. Denmark makes it easier to make music and earn money simultaneously, which is a harder feat elsewhere.

If you asked me if it was love at first sight or not, I would say … yeah, it was love at first sight! Oh my God, coming for that week in the summer of 2017 and visiting RMC. It was such a beautiful building by the canal. I saw people swimming there, just chilling and hanging out. Even the school had amazing facilities, beautiful sun-filled rooms and rugs. It was hygge! It was so nice compared to Birmingham, where I’d come from. 

My favourite thing about living in Copenhagen is … that it’s amazing how one can bike everywhere since it’s flat. I also like how in the summer people can jump in the canal or go to the beach, which is never too far. I prefer to go to the canal in Holmen since it’s quite shallow and doesn’t get too cold. 

My favourite observation about the Danes is … that everyone has such amazing bodies and is in such good shape. Even parents with kids are so active and fit. 

Here in Denmark/Copenhagen, I never get used to … the lack of chaos. I like to be spontaneous and don’t like making plans. I’ve seen that Danes always plan for their weekends and holidays well in advance.

Jeg kan tale … Dansk til en vis grad, eller det kan jeg i hvert fald forsøge. Jeg læser til modul fem og skal snart aflægge min PD 3-eksamen (I can speak Danish to some extent, or at least I can try to. I am studying for module five and will soon give my PD 3 Exam). 

On an integration scale of 1 to 10, I would say I’m a … four! I don’t feel the need to be higher on the scale. I enjoy being British, and I think Danish people like that. They also like British English and comedy. However, I feel that learning Danish will allow me to contribute more to conversations. 

I think the best way to make Danish friends is … to either go to school with them because I think that’s when they make friends and stick by them for a long time. Another great way to befriend a Dane is to share an activity or hobby or join a club. They like to find common habits to make friends.  

The best place to visit … is Louisiana a Museum of Modern Art. It’s outside Copenhagen, but it’s worth visiting. One of my personal favourites is Assistens Kirkegård, a magnificent graveyard. It’s an impressive place – especially when you find graves of globally notable people from Denmark.

The three words best describe Copenhagen are … neat, cosy and hesitatingly friendly. 

Josh Herring’s latest work is ‘The Disappeared’, a unique humorous cabaret in which he can be seen performing on stage and interacting with the audience.  The worldwide premiere is this Thursday. Find out more here.