Here’s your H2O: Copenhagen’s water fountains ready to cool down public

With the summer heat on the horizon, residents can access clean and cool drinking water from 90 outdoor water fountains across the city

City residents out for a jog and tourists on a leisurely stroll will be able to cool off this summer by tapping into outdoor water fountains across the city.

The city’s utility service HOFOR has established 90 water fountains across the city’s parks, playgrounds and pathways. 

“We are happy to be able to offer free, cool drinking water in so many locations in the city,” said Ole Skytte, the district head of HOFOR.

“It’s healthy and affordable to drink the water. And it’s good for the environment and climate as we save on the production and transportation of bottled water.”

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From Vesterbro to Valby
There are already water fountains in 40 locations in Copenhagen, and now an additional 50 summer fountains have also been made available.

Most of the fountains are situated in the city centre and nearby districts like Østerbro, Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Amager, but there are also some in areas such as Valby, Rødovre and Brønshøj.

HOFOR checks the fountains for bacteria on a daily basis.

Use the interactive map in this link to see if there are any in your neck of the woods.

Alternatively, here is a list of the locations of water fountains available all year round and another of those open during the summer period only.