School’s out for this year’s leavers – how the seniors like to throw caramels to celebrate

CPH POST Reporter
May 17th, 2023

Early end to the school year gives ninth graders time to revise for their exams

Caramels galore today! (photo: Pixabay)

Wednesday is the last day of school for all students in the 9th and final grade throughout Denmark.

Nowadays it has evolved into a happy tradition when students and teachers good-humouredly tease each other. Many students wear costumes and throw caramels to all the other kids in the school.

The students in the smaller classes benefit from this and can take home a lot of sweets from school today.

Although it is a day of fun and games, the last day of school also marks the start of a nervous and important time, as the graduating students now have their upcoming exams to prepare for.

Even though school is over in a day-to-day sense, it is important that they study in the weeks to come.

Traditions vary
On the last day of school, events vary from school to school.

Most places teachers and students start the day off by sharing breakfast. Then both the students and teachers dress up, hand out caramels and take part in all sorts of entertainment and traditions.

In some schools, students are also allowed to spray water and foam as part of the celebration.

Many school leavers write a ‘Blue book’, an alumni record in which each individual student is described by the others, documenting the odd habits, calamities, characteristics and nicknames the students have developed over the years.

Sports matches between teachers and students, quizzes, karaoke and other friendly contests can also be part of the celebration.

Do remember that this day should not be confused with graduation for students. That comes at the end of June. Then you will see graduating high school students earn white caps and drive around in open vans with music and lots of noise. Quite a bit of alcohol will be involved too!


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