HOT IN TOWN: Careful CPH Culture, they’ll put a hex on you!

PREVIEW: Eat, drink, love … where Danes in the know choose to go out

English subtitles will accompany three early June performances of Hex (June 2-4; 20:00, 17:00 & 15:00; Skuespilhuset Store Scene), a musical dramatisation of the early 17th century witchcraft trials in Aalborg. CPH Culture was distracted and irritated by the way modern music disconnected the play from its period, awarding it three stars.

Politiken’s culture mag Ibyen has named the Nordic restaurant in Sydhavn best in class for 2023. Accordingly, the owners are giving away free beers to the neighbourhood on July 9 to celebrate. “I cannot wait to my next visit,” purred the Ibyen reviewer last year. Presumably they’ve been back, as Pauli only got five stars.

OPERA: Peter Grimes
CPH POST awarded this curious English-language opera by Benjamin Britten four stars – chiefly for the Turneresque maritime vistas that linger long in the memory and the energy of its mob scenes. Credit must go to Tazeena Firth (set) and Kimmo Ruskela (lighting) for evoking the 1820s vibes of an eastern coast fishing village. Ends June 1.

DRINKS: Åben Brewery
Head to the Åben Brewery at Slagtehusgade 15 in Kødbyen this holiday weekend to sample their wide range of beers, which featured many that use the experimental hop HBC 1019. As an added bonus this weekend, the popular burger joint Dandelion is staging a pop-up at the premises. 

THEATRE: The Disappeared
This account of a Chilean burlesque performer forced to leave his home during a coup was co-written by director Jeremy M Thomas and performer Josh Herring. Produced by Down the Rabbit Hole, the May 18 show at LiteraturHaus was a world premiere. CPH Culture gave it three stars. See it next on May 24 or 31. 

CINEMA: The Little Mermaid
Distinctly not ‘hot’, more luke-warm, a half-decent cast (including Javier Bardem and Melissa McCarthy) can’t save this live-action version of the Disney 1989 cartoon from drowning in its own dullness. It doesn’t help that it’s poorly lit, and that Copenhagen is already grey enough. Still, some sentimental ratings yielded a 59 on Metacritic.

ART: Dialogue
Pencil Saturday May 27 at 16:00 into your calendar for the opening of ‘Dialogue’, a new exhibition featuring the works of two Ukrainian refugee artists, Liliia and Hanna, living in Gentofte. At the heart of the work is the gratitude felt by Ukrainians to their Danish hosts for the support and solidarity that they have provided.