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Performance Review: Political and pottery contexts aside, we were moved by this charismatic cabaret

Leticia Bossi
May 28th, 2023


photos: The Lord’s Projekt

Where were all the chairs? Whispers and side-glances followed. Sure, the entire audience were excited, but not everyone wanted to dance or stand for an hour-long show!

But later, the same people were moving with the rhythm … or just sitting on the floor … enchanted by the charismatic performer who infused cabaret and their story of a coup. 

Unusual combination
Nova Duh shared their story and the story of thousands of repressed regime victims in South America through a funny and moving burlesque performance. Behind the glitter, smiles and dancing hides a queer voice forced into exile during a government coup.

The unusual combination made their performance very endearing and gripping, but unfortunately, sometimes hard to understand for those who do not know much about the Latin American political context.

Well directed
Production-wise, it was a success though. The lighting and ambience cleverly changed according to the performer’s mood, while the words were well complemented by Josh Herring’s music.

Director Jeremy Thomas Bøgsted smartly opted for a total theatre experience allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the show banging on the ‘cacerolazos’ – saucepans for those of you struggling with the Latin American pottery context.


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