Denmark’s battle against burglaries: Significant progress, but more can be done

The Danish people, known for their conviviality and harmonious society, have been grappling with an unfortunate record for several years – leading Europe in the number of burglaries per capita. This undesirable statistic, however, has seen a dramatic decline since the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to work from home, reducing opportunities for would-be thieves.

A significant drop was noted in the number of burglaries throughout the pandemic, largely due to the fact that most people were not traveling and remained at home for work. Post-pandemic, the numbers have thankfully remained relatively low. The total number of break-ins in Denmark in 2022, while still deemed too high, suggests a positive shift as it is significantly less than in previous years.

An increasing focus on home security and a surge in new buildings equipped with burglary-resistant features such as reinforced windows and electronic keys have contributed to this decline. The Danish media’s persistent spotlight on the issue has also provoked citizens to reassess and bolster the security of their homes, vacation residences, and apartments.

Thomas Bagger, an expert in security and the owner of Bagger Låse & Alarm, a locksmith company in Copenhagen, concurs with this assessment. He has noted a palpable increase in inquiries regarding security upgrades from businesses and individuals alike.

“We’re seeing a real shift in awareness. People are reaching out to us more than ever before, asking for advice on how to secure their properties effectively. This proactive approach is clearly making a difference.” states Thomas Bagger.

Despite this promising trend, the last quarter of 2022 saw a rise in burglaries, primarily attributable to the Christmas holidays when many homes were left unattended. However, even during this period, a marked reduction in break-ins was observed compared to the previous years.

The urgency to further decrease burglaries remains strong. Security experts like Thomas Bagger advocate for preventive measures such as replacing old locks, installing home alarm systems, and ensuring that homes, particularly those undergoing renovation, are fitted with new, burglar-resistant windows and doors.

“A home with decayed window frames or outdated security measures presents an easy target for burglars,” warns Bagger. “Investing in solid windows and doors, robust locks, and reliable alarm systems is crucial. Equally important are well-lit exteriors and automated lights inside the house, creating an impression of occupancy even when you’re not home.”

While Denmark’s burglary rates are on a reassuring decline, the battle is far from over. It will require continued vigilance, investment in effective security measures, and collective effort from homeowners, businesses, and security experts to ensure a safer future for all.

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