CPH INSIDER: Move aside Batman … this is the era of the villain

Stop all your brooding, order a stiff one from Alfred, and head out to the Nata Watts Gallery to relax

Sometimes the hero isn’t the best role model. Take Batman, for example. On the face of it, kids should want to emulate him.

But in this day and age, thanks to Oprah and Meghan, society no longer likes brooding, mostly silent men who wear masks.

They might be homicidal, but at least Joker, Riddler and Penguin open up about their feelings.

Seven Deadly Sins focus
American artist Margarita Howis and Danish fashion designer Nikolaj Storm, the co-organisers of ‘Villain Era’ at the city centre-based Nata Watts Gallery on June 16, are hopeful the theme for their art and fashion show will appeal to the public. 

It will particularly focus on the origins of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Certainly, Howis agrees that the qualities of some of Batman’s nemeses are overlooked.

“In a world where everyone strives to be a hero, to please others and conform to societal expectations, we often neglect or suppress certain parts of ourselves that are deemed ‘villainous’. These suppressed aspects hold immense power and potential for growth and self-discovery,” she told CPH POST.

Journey into the depths of your suppressed shadows
According to Howis, visitors to the event will be encouraged to take a “transformative journey into the depths of their suppressed shadows” – to the very root of the concept of the Seven Deadly Sins.

“In the shadows, we find the opportunity for introspection, growth, and liberation. It is in these suppressed aspects that our highest selves often reside. By acknowledging and integrating these aspects, we can transcend societal conditioning and find a sense of authenticity and empowerment,” she contends.

“Many of these notions stem from organized religion, where they were used to instill fear and shame. By exploring and embracing these shadow aspects of ourselves, we can reclaim our power and uncover our true identities.”