Man shot by police in central Copenhagen

Kongens Nytorv, which is adjacent to both Nyhavn and Strøget, has been cordoned off

At around 10:30 on Wednesday morning, a man armed with a knife was shot by police in Kongens Nytorv, a square adjacent to Copenhagen’s busiest streets for shopping and tourists.

Just a few steps away from the world famous Nyhavn canal area, the police responded to reports that the man was carrying a knife in the square and appeared to be threatening.

They took decisive action and shot the man, who was last seen lying on the cobblestones receiving medical attention, the police confirmed on Twitter.  

The area has been cordoned off for the time being.

Shouting at a dog
Eye-witnesses to the incident report that the man was seen shouting at a dog after arriving at the square from Strøget, the capital’s most popular shopping street.

Officers then approached him after arriving in a silver-grey van, and then shot him as he moved towards them.

By that point he was close to the equestrian statue of King Christian V, which is located nearby Gamle Scene, the royal theatre, and Nyhavn.