“Eastern Europe offers more bang for your buck”, but Danes still prefer Italy

Romania, Bulgaria and Poland the cheapest destinations within the EU, where Denmark remains the joint most expensive choice alongside Ireland

Denmark is one of the most expensive destinations to spend a holiday in the EU, according to Eurostat data published by Danmarks Statistik this morning.

Only Ireland is marginally more expensive than Denmark, with Luxembourg and Finland not far behind.

At the other end of the scale, Romania is the cheapest, followed by Bulgaria and Poland.

“Generally, it is in the countries of Eastern Europe that you get the most bang for your buck,” commented Zdravka Bosanac, a specialist consultant at Danmarks Statistik.

Much cheaper for restaurants and hotels
Broken down, for every 100 kroner spent in Denmark, you would only need to spend 40 kroner in Romania to get the same goods, followed by Bulgaria (41) and Poland (43).

In Ireland (101), Luxembourg (95) and Finland (88), prices are pretty comparable to Denmark.

Restaurants and hotels are a different matter as they are even cheaper in Romania, Bulgaria and Poland, respectively costing 39, 32 and 49 percent compared to Denmark.  A glass of wine will set you back 62, 67 and 64 percent of the Danish cost.

Bulgaria is the cheapest for clothes shopping, coming in at 60 percent.

Italy still the preferred option
Nevertheless, Italy remains the most popular destination. People in Denmark are expected to spend a total of 1 million overnight stays in the country in July.

Germany and Spain, meanwhile, will grab half a million overnight stays each.

Italy, Germany and Spain respectively cost 69, 75 and 67 percent compared to Denmark.