US corporations in Denmark falling like dominos

Rejection of Coca Cola ad a reminder that Denmark doesn’t embrace the American convention of upsizing

Earlier this month, the Domino’s pizza chain confirmed it has called it quits in Denmark. It is in the process of closing all 27 of its outlets.

In fact, it is its second failure, as Domino’s went bankrupt in 2019 amid talks of an exodus.

But on that occasion, the franchise Australian company Domino’s Pizza Enterprises stepped up, promising a marketing strategy that would make the Danish public bow into submission and smell its cheese.

Clearly it didn’t work out as planned.

No upsizing in Denmark
It’s proof once again that Denmark doesn’t embrace the American convention of upsizing. 

On the contrary, it’s often remarked upon by visitors how downsized US corporations are in this country – particularly the major fast food chains. 

And now locals in the Copenhagen district of Vesterbro have served up another reminder of the Danes’ individualistic, non-corporate spirit by fiercely rejecting plans to erect a large illuminated advert for Coca Cola facing one of their squares.

The US drinks manufacturer has this week conceded defeat – a feeling known only too well by Domino’s.

“I actually think that’s embarrassing”
A petition was swiftly put together opposing the plans to erect a 10 metre-long, 1.6 metre-high illuminated advert for Coca Cola Zero on top of a roof facing the recently refurbished Enghave Plads

“The worst part is that it’s so crazy that everyone thinks it’s a joke. After all, both the choice of product and the location are so crazy that no-one believes it. I actually think that’s embarrassing,” a local shop owner told KøbenhavnLIV.

City Hall confirmed that Coca Cola withdrew the bid to erect the advert on June 26.