CPH INSIDER: Iron Man creator visiting fans in Copenhagen

This week Copenhageners can get to meet one of the greatest Marvel cartoonists ever

“O dear, I think I’m becoming a god!” noted Emperor Vespasian on his deathbed – who said Rome’s first family didn’t have a depreciating sense of humour?

These days, the closest anyone gets to becoming a god is working for Marvel – at least in the eyes of its legions of fans.

And on Saturday, they will be chomping at the bit to catch a glimpse of Bob Layton, the American cartoonist who turned Iron Man into one of Marvel’s bestselling comics.

Currently on his six-month ‘Around the World Birthday Tour’ across seven different countries, he will be talking about his career at both Comicgarden Gallery and Kulturhuset Indre By on Thursday at press events.

And then two days later on Saturday July 1, Iron Man fans will have the opportunity to meet Bob personally and get a signature. The meet-up will take place between 12:00 and 14:00 at Fantask – the world’s oldest comic bookstore.

Layton is most well-known for his work on the successful Marvel comics Iron Man and Ant-Man.

Over 6,400 cartoons and 14 Marvel Studios films are credited to his name.

In 1993 he co-founded Valiant Comic – America’s third largest comic book publisher.